Sunday, March 3, 2013

Celtic Crystals progress

My husband has been out of town for a week, and I thought I would get sooo much done. Sadly, between working full time and taking care of my grandson, and helping my daughter do some business, I got very little accomplished. I did work on my Celtic Crystals block of the month. We have been really overcast in our little corner of the world, so even outdoor pics are flat.

January, Block 1

February, Block 2a
Blue Agate

Block 2b
I managed to sew the points on backwards. I like the block as is, but the blue triangles are supposed to be star points. I actually really like this diamond, but I need to figure out if I want to frog it and redo it. The orange rectangles are supposed to be on the outside edge. The placement in the overall quilt does not depend on the orange rectangles, so I have to decide what to do. The colors are a bit washed out. The blue star points are more of a rich royal blue than the turquoise that shows here.
I also made some progress on the Home Grown table runners for the MLA conference.  I chose five fruit/veggie prints for the jars, and decided on a black background. The lids are a metallic swirl fabric I like to use for jar lids. I only have about a fat eighth left. I pinned the runners on the fabric I plan to use for a border. It is from Kaufman's Kiss the Cook line. I only have a yard and a half, and I plan to do four runners altogether, so not sure I have enough. I auditionedthe brown batik as the "shelf" but decided against it. I need either a light brown/tan, or a grey. I would also like some red and white gingham for the binding, and maybe for a 3-D doily under a few of the jars. I chose green beans, strawberries, cucumber slices, tomatoes, peas, and cherries, all things that grow in our area.

Close up of two jars

Gratuitous pug picture. My Bella snuggling with my husband.



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